Caffa, Alessandro de

Born (unknown date), member of O.F.M., priest, nominated Archbishop of Khanbaliq before 1483, consecrated, died 1483 in Italy [1]


Cai Bingrui, Joseph


(Foto sent by Bishop to Dr. Kierein)

Born 1966, priest 1992, Administrator of Xiamen 1996, Bishop of Xiamen 00.06.2009, consecrated 08.05.2010 in Xiamen, consecrator Johann Fang Xin Yao [2]


Cai Ti-yuan, John

(Foto: Archive Dr. Kierein)

Born 1920 or 1921, priest 1944 or 1949, Bishop of Shantou, consecrated 27.09.1981 in Canton, consecrator Zhong Huai-de, died 24.11.1997 Swatow [3]


Cai Xiufeng, Benedict

(Foto sent by Bishop to Dr. Kierein)

Born 02.01.1917 Pingnan/Guangxi, priest 03.12.1948, nominated Administrator of Wuzhou 1950, 1956-78 in prison, Bishop of Wuzhou 1993, consecrated 03.12.1993 in Canton (Guangzhou), consecrator Zhong Huai-de, died 20.08.2007 [4]


Calderón, Miguel


(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 04.12.1803 Oviedo/Spain, member of O.P. 1818, priest, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Bodana and Coadjutor of Fokien 09.09.1831, consecrated 16.02.1840 in Lam-kann, consecrator Mons. Carpegna Diaz, nominated Apostolic Vicar of Fokien 30.12.1849, died 14.02.1883 Se-in [5]


Calle Fontecha, Angel de la

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 27.01.1886 Puebla de Valdavia (Leon), member of O.E.S.A. 1902, priest 1911, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Yochow 16.01.1932, died 1964 (?) [6]


 Calvo, José

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 1739 Valencia, member of O.P., priest, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Melite and Apostolic Vicar of Fokien 16.02.1781, consecrated 28.10.1792 in Marseille, consecrator Mons. Collantes [7], died 15.10.1812 Ciu-suei, Tap-san [8]


Calza (Calzi), Luigi

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 26.07.1879 Rocca Prebalza (Parma), member of S.X. 04.11.1897, priest 24.05.1902, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Ho-Nan Occidentale 23.06.1906, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Termessus and Apostolic Vicar of Ho-Nan Occidentale 18.09.1911, consecrated 21.04.1912 in Parma, consecrator Mons. Conforti [9], died 22.10.1944 Chengchow [10]


Calzolari, Pacifico


(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 16.07.1896 Monghidoro (Bologna), member of O.F.M. 1913, priest 1922, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Siangtan 08.04.1938, expelled 1952, died 1965 (?) [11]

Camporea, see Jacobus

Cañál, Alejandro

Born 20.01.1852 San Felix de Valdesoto (Oviedo), member of O.P. 1869, priest 13.06.1875,  nominated Tit.-Bishop of Ascalon and Apostolic Vicar of Amoy 23.11.1898, died 23.11.1898 Amoy [12]


Canazei, Ignazio


(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 07.06.1883 Brixen, member of S.D.B. 1901, priest 18.09.1909, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Caryste and Apostolic Vicar of Shiuchow 23.07.1930, consecrated 19.11.1930 in Shiuchow, consecrator Mons. Costantini, nominated Bishop of Shiuchow 11.04.1946, died 28.10.1946 Shiuchow [13]


Cao Xiangde, Matthew


(Fotos: (1) sent by bishop to author, (2) UCANEWS)

Born 00.09.1927, priest 1985, Bishop of Hangzhou, consecrated 25.06.2000 without papal approval in Hangzhou, consecrator Bishop Yu Cheng-cai, received papal approval later [14]

Capettini, Antonio Maria


(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 11.01.1877 Valle Lomellina (Vigevano), member of M.E.R. 1895, priest 09.06.1900, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Euroea in Phoenicia and Apostolic Vicar of Scen-Si Meridionale 07.04.1919, consecrated 08.09.1919 in Tong-yuen-fang, consecrator Mons. Massi, emeritus 1925, nominated Aux.-Bishop of Porto and Santa Rufino (Italy) 1926, died 06.07.1958 Rom [15]

Capozi, Luca Domenico

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 09.03.1899 Pofi (Veroli), member of O.F.M. 08.1915, priest 08.08.1926, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Attalea and Apostolic Vicar of Taiyuan 12.01.1940, consecrated 14.04.1940 in Taiyuan, consecrator Mons.  Fiorentini, nominated Archbishop of Taiyuan 11.04.1946, emeritus 1983, died 30.12.1991 Jerusalem [16]


Caprio, Giuseppe

(Foto: sent by Cardinal to author)

Born 15.11.1914 Lapio (Benevento), priest 17.12.1938, 1947-1951 Secretary of the nunciature in China, expelled from China by the Communist regime after three months of house arrest in Nanchang, nominated Apost. Inter-Nuncio to China 20.05.1959, nominated Tit.-Archbishop of Apollonia 14.10.1961, consecrated 14.12.1961 in Benevento, consecrator Cardinal Gregoire-Pierre Agagianian [16a], nominated Apost. Nuncio to China 1966, Apost. Nuncio to India 1967-1969, nominated Secretary of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See 19.04.1969; nominated Substitute of the Secretariat of State 14.06.1977, nominated Pro-president of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See 28.04.1979, created cardinal deacon of S. Maria Ausiliatrice in Via Tuscolana 30.06.1979, nominated President of the Administration of Patrimony of Apostolic See 01.07.1979; nominated President of the Prefecture for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See 30.01.1981; Resigned the presidency 22.01.1990; died 15.10.2005 Rome [16b]


Carlassare, Vincenzo Epifanio


(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 25.06.1845 Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza), member of O.F.M. 21.12.1865, priest 21.12.1866, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Madaurus and Apostolic Vicar of Hu-Pè Orientale 29.06.1884, consecrated 18.09.1884 in Hankow, consecrator Mons. Volonteri, died 29.07.1909 Tzen-tao [17]

Carlo, Alexandre


(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 03.05.1881 Hénon (St.Brieuc), member of M.E.P., priest 29.06.1905, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Lanlung 22.11.1922, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Hadrianopolis and Apostolic Vicar of Lanlung 29.04.1927, consecrated 16.10.1927 in Kweiyang, consecrator Mons. Seguin, nominated Bishop of Lanlung 11.04.1946, died 26.01.1952 Kweiyang [18]

Carneiro Leitão, Melchior Miguel

(Foto: Website Diocese of Macau)

Born 1519 Coimbra, priest, member of S.J. 14.03.1543, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Nicea and Aux.-Bishop (Coadjutor ?) of the Patriarch of Ethiopia 01.04.1555, administrated the diocese of Macau since 1556 or 1558 until 1581, when Bishop Sa had been installed, consecrated 15.12.1560 in Goa, consecrator Mons. Gaspar de Leão Pereira [19], nominated Patriarch of Ethiopia 1577, emeritus 1581, died 13. or 19.08.1583 Macau [20]

Carnevali (Carnevale), Paolo

Born 1830 Fresonara (Alessandria), member of O.F.M., priest, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Maximianopolis and Coadjutor of Chansi 27.09.1870, consecrated 19.05.1872, consecrator Mons. Moccagatta, died 15.05.1875 Luanfu [21]


Born (unknown date), priest, nominated Archbishop of Khanbaliq before 1410, consecrated, died (unknown date) [22]

 Carpegna Díaz, Roque José


(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 18.08.1760 Yecla (Cartagena), member of O.P. 1778, priest, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Tebaste and Coadjutor of Fokien 31.03.1801, consecrated 23.01.1803 in Macau, consecrator Mons. da Silva, nominated Apostolic Vicar of Fokien 15.10.1812, died 30.12.1849 Tingtao [23]


Carreia Valente, see Correia Valente


Carreras, Vincent Ferrér

Born 24.03.1830 Regencós (Girona), member of O.P. 1853, priest, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Dionisias and Coadjutor of Fokien 14.01.1866, consecrated 21.10.1866 in Ke-sen, consecrator Mons. Calderon, died 16.09.1867 Antao [24]


Carriquiry, Philippe

Born 31.12.1911 Alçay-Béhéty/Bayonne, member of M.E.P., priest 07.07.1935, nominated Apostolic Administrator of Ningyuan 1951, emeritus 1954?, died 23.12.1960 Montbeton [25]


Carvalho, José Manuel de

(Foto: Website Diocese of Macau)

Born 15.09.1844 Tourigo (Viseu), priest 21.09.1867, nominated Bishop of Macau 15.04.1897, consecrated 29.08.1897 in Lissabon, consecrator Mons. Dias Correia de Carvalho [26], nominated Bishop of Angra 09.06.1902, died 24.04.1904 [27]

Carvalho Gomes da Silva, Eusebio Luciano

Born 08.12.1763 Paparia (Lisboa), member of C.M., priest, nominated Bishop of Nanking 14.12.1789, without consecration, died 30.03.1790 [28]

Casal, João de

(Foto: Website Diocese of Macau)

Born 1641 Alentejo-County/Portugal, member of O.S.A., priest, nominated Bishop of Macau 10.04.1690, consecrated in Lissabon, consecrator Mons. de Lencastre [29], died 20.09.1735 Macau [30]


Cassidy, Edward Idris

(Foto: Arturo Mari, sent by Cardinal to author)

Born 05.07.1924 Sydney, priest 23.07.1949, nominated Tit.-Archbishop of Amanzia and Apost. Pro-Nuncio to China 27.10.1970, consecrated 15.11.1970 in Rome, consecrator Cardinal Jean Villot [30a], nominated Apost. Nuncio to Bangladesh 31.01.1973, nominated Apost. Delegate to South Africa 25.03.1979, nominated Apost. Nuncio to Holland 06.11.1984, nominated Substitute of the secretariat of State for General Affairs 23.03.1988, nominated President of the Pontifical Council for Promotion of Christian Unity 22.12.1989; Created cardinal deacon of S. Maria in Via Lata 28.06.1991, Resigned the presidency of the council 03.03.2001 [30b]

Cassidy, William Ferrer

Born (unknown date), member of O.P., priest, nominated Superior Kienow 18.01.1937, emeritus 08.01.1938, died 21.11.1974 [31]

Cassini, Cipriano

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 25.09.1894 Perinaldo (Ventimiglia), member of S.J. 1911, priest 1926, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Drivastum and Apostolic Vicar of Pengpu 23.12.1936, consecrated 11.04.1937 in Pengpu, consecrator Mons. Côté, nominated Bishop of Pengpu 11.04.1946, died 12.06.1951 Pengpu [32]

Castello, Peregrino da

Born (unknown date), member of O.F.M., priest, nominated bishop for China 23.07.1307, consecrated, consecrator Cardinal Giovanni Minio da Morrovalle [33], nominated Aux.-Bishop of Khanbaliq 1313, nominated Bishop of Zaitum ca. 1320, died 06.07.1322 [34]

Catalonia, Jerome of

Born (unknown date), priest, member of O.F.M., nominated Aux.-Bishop of Khanbaliq 19.02.1311, consecrated probably by Pope Clemens V. [34 a], probably never reached china, died (unknown date) [34 b] 


Cattaneo, Angelo


(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 28.08.1844 Carvico (Bergamo), member of M.E.M. 1869, priest, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Hippo and Apostolic Vicar of Ho-Nan Meridionale 15.06.1905, consecrated 01.11.1905 in Outchang, consecrator Mons. Carlassare, died 13.12.1910 Chumatien [35]


Cavalli, Crescenzio

Born 1754 Ivrea, member of O.F.M., priest, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Croime and Apostolic Vicar of Chansi-Chensi 1791, died (without consecration) 24.12.1791 Peking [36]


Cazzanelli, Raffaele Ruggero


(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 04.12.1881 Corné (Trento). member of O.F.M. 1897, priest 20.09.1907, nominated Superior of Hwangchow 30.04.1930, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Hwangchow 10.06.1932, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Gindarus and Apostolic Vicar of Kichow 27.01.1936, consecrated 10.05.1936 in Trento, consecrator Mons. Montalbetti [37], emeritus 1941, nominated Apostolic Administrator of Kichow 1941, emeritus 10.06.1948, died 08.11.1960 [38]

Ceól, Orazio Ferrucio

(Foto: Archive Kierein)

Born 26.07.1911 Daiano (Trento), member of O.F.M. 1926, priest 18.03.1934, nominated Bishop of Kichow 10.06.1948, consecrated 26.09.1948, consecrator Mons. Rosà, emeritus 1983, died 23.06.1990 Trento [39]

Chacim, Francisco

(Foto: Website Diocese of Macau)

Born 16.09.1767 Torres Novas (Lisboa), member of O.F.M., priest 26.09.1790, nominated Bishop of Macau 20.08.1804, consecrated 00.11.1804 in Lisboa, died 31.01.1828 [40]


Chang Bairen, see Zhang Boren

Chang Kia Shu, see Zhang Jia-shu

Chang K’o-hing, see Zhang Kexing

Chang Pi-te, see Zhang Bide


Chang Shou-yi, Stanislav

Born (unknown date), priest, Bishop of Xuanhua, consecrated 20.04.1958 in Xian-Xian, consecrator Mons. Francis Zhao Zhen-sheng, died 27.03.1987 [41]


Chang Tso-huan, see Zhang Zuohuan

Chang Yuin-po, see Zhang Runbo

Chao Cheng-shen, see Zhao Zhensheng

Chao Yong Ming, see Zhao You-min

Chao Ziping, see Zhao Zi-ping


Chatagnon, Marc

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 14.02.1839 Cellieu (Lyon), member of M.E.P. 1859, priest 20.12.1862, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Chersonesus and Apostolic Vicar of Se-Ciuen Meridionale 25.01.1887, consecrated 24.04.1887 in Suifu, consecrator Mons. Fenouil, died 26.11.1920 Suifu [42]


Chausse, Auguste

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 19.02.1838 St. Didier la Seauve (Le Puy), member of M.E.P. 1859, priest 14.06.1862, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Capsus and Coadjutor of Kuangtung 13.12.1880, consecrated 25.07.1881 in Canton, consecrator Mons. Foucard, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Kuangtung 05.04.1886, died 12.10.1900 Hong Kong [43]


Chauveau, Joseph Marie

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 24.02.1816 Lucon, priest 22.09.1838, member of M.E.P. 1843, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Sebastopolis and Coadjutor of Yunnan 27.11.1849, consecrated 24.09.1850 in Long-ki, consecrator Mons. Ponsot, nominated Apostolic Vicar of Lhassa 09.09.1864 , died 21.12.1877 Tatsienlu [44]


Chen Bailu, see Chen Bolu


Chen Bolu (Chen Bailu), Peter


(Foto: Source UCANEWS)

Born 18.04.1913 or 1914, priest 29.06.1940, consecrated 1982 or 29.05.1986, consecrator Francis Han Tingbi, consecrated again 29.05.1988 in Handan, consecrator John Liu Dinghan, Bishop of Handan 1988, emeritus 1999, died 05.11.2009 Dazhong [45]


Chen Cangbao, John

Born 1960, priest 1986, Bishop of Yixian, consecrated 19.03.1997, consecrator Bishop Shi Enxiang [46]


Chen Changcheng, see Zhen Changcheng
Chen Chi-ming, see Chen Qiming
Chu, see Chen Xu


Chen Du-qing,

Born 1909, priest, Bishop of Kanchow/Ganzhou, consecrated 09.10.1958 in Nanchang, consecrator Mons. Bishop Wang Qi-wei, died 25.08.1990 [47]


Chen Gong’ ao, Joseph

(Foto: Source UCANEWS)

Born 1964, priest 26.08.1990, Administrator of Nanchong 2005, Bishop of Nanchong, approved by the pope 2002, elected 2010, consecrated 19.04.2012 in Nanchong, consecrator Bishop Peter Fang Jianping [48]


Chen Guodi, Aloysius

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 15.11.1875 Loutchengsien (Chansi), member of O.F.M. 1896, priest 15.03.1903, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Attuda and Apostolic Vicar of Fenyang 14.07.1926, consecrated 28.10.1926 in Rome, consecrator Pope Pius XI. [49], died 09.03. or 12.03.1930 Fenyang [50]

Chen Jianzhang, Peter


Born 06.03.1920 Xushui, priest 14.08.1947, Bishop of Yixian, consecrated 20.04.1982, consecrator Jia Zhiguo, Coadjutor of Paoting 1988, Bishop of Paoting 16.05.1992, died 21.12.1994 or 23.12.1995 [51]


Chen Ki-meng, see Chen Qiming


Chen Muchen (Chen Mushun), Mathew


(Foto: Archive Kierein)

Born 20.11.1902 Yliang, priest 17.03.1935, Bishop of Zhaotong, consecrated 28.03.1988 in Chungking, consecrator  Mons. Matthias Duan Yinmin, died 09.04.1997 [52]

Chen Qiming (Chen Chi-ming, Chen Ki-meng), Job

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 08.11.1891 Wangkiachkwang (Chengting), member of C.M. 1911, priest 06.01.1916, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Perta and Apostolic Vicar of Chengting 05.01.1939, consecrated 21.05.1939 in Tientsien, consecrator Mons. de Vienne, nominated Bishop of Chengting 11.04.1946, died 10.06.1959 Sao Paulo [53]


Chen Shi-zhong, John


(Foto: sent by Bishop to Dr. Kierein))

Born 26.01.1916 Nam, priest 00.02.1947, Bishop of Yibin, consecrated 14.06.1985 in Yibin, consecrator Mons. Mathias Duan Yinmin, died 16.12.2012 Yibin [54]


Chen Te-mien, Dominic

Born (unknown date), member of O.F.M., priest, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Suihsien 05.04.1951, emeritus 1981 [55]

Chen Xilu, Mathias

Born 06.02.1928 Ji County, priest 18.05.1955, Coadjutor of Hengshui, consecrated 28.10.1996 in Hengshui, consecrator Peter Fan Wenxing, Bishop of Hengshui 1999, died 16.01.2008 Jizhou [56]


Chen Xu (Chen Chu), Joseph

Born 19.03.1922, priest 11.06.1949, Bishop of Zhanjiang 16.11.1994, consecrated 19.03.1995 in Zhanjiang, consecrator Andreas Anicetus Wang Chongy, died 19.03.2003 Zhangjiang City [57]

Chen Yuencai,

Born (unknown date), priest, Bishop of Guiyang, consecrated 15.06.1958 in Guiyang, consecrator Mons. Francis Yi Xuan-hua, died (unknown date) [58]


Chen Zaifa, see Cheng Tsai-fa

Cheng Hede, see Tcheng Hede 


Ch’eng Shih-kuang (Cheng Shiguang), Paul

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 15.09.1915 Hsiao-yi (Fenyang), priest 29.06.1943, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Uccula and Aux.-Bishop of Taipeh 03.05.1960, consecrated 25.07.1960 in Taipeh, consecrator Cardinal Tien, nominated Bishop of Tainan 07.06.1966, emeritus 03.12.1990 [59]


Cheng Tien-siang (Zheng Tianxiang), Joseph


(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 28.06.1922 Foochoe (Foochow), member of O.P., priest 28.08.1954, nominated Bishop of Kaohsiung 21.03.1961, consecrated 21.05.1961 in Rome, consecrator Pope S. John  XXIII. [60], nominated Archbishop-Bishop of Kaohsiung 30.10.1979, died 19.08.1990 [61]


Cheng Tsai-fa (Chen Zaifa), Joseph

(Foto sent by Bishop to author)

Born 04.07.1932 Hsiamen, priest 21.12.1957, nominated Bishop of Tainan 03.12.1990, consecrated 02.02.1991 in Tainan, consecrator Mons. Ch’eng Shih-kuang, nominated Archbishop of Taipeh 24.01.2004, emeritus 09.11.2007 [62]


Cheng Youxian (Cheng Youhin), Peter

Born 05.03.1881 Tsaokiayao (Peking), priest 13.03.1904, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Sozusa and Apostolic Vicar of Suanhwa 28.03.1928, consecrated 02.07.1928 in Peking, consecrator Mons. Costantini, died 25.08.1935 Suanhwa [63]

Cheng Yu Sin, see Tcheng Yu-sin

Cheng Yutang, see Tcheng Ngnou-tang 



Chennoth, Joseph

Born 13.10.1943 Kockamangalam (Ernakulam-Angamaly), priest 04.05.1969, Chargés d'affaires at the Vatican embassy to China 1995-1999, nominated Tit.-Archbishop of Milevi and Apost. Nuncio to Central African Rep. and Chad 24.08.1999, consecrated 30.10.1999 in Rom, consecrator Cardinal Angelo Sodano [63a], nominated Apost. Nuncio to Tanzania 25.06.2005, nominated Apost. Nuncio to Japan 15.08.2011 [63b]


Cheu, Fabian

Born (unknown date), priest, nominated Apostolic Administrator of Chihfeng 21.04.1949, emeritus or died 1982 [64] 


Ceuziscee, see Zhou Jishi 


Chiais, Efisio

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 17.02.1808 Casalino (Torino), member of O.F.M. 1823, priest, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Tiene and Coadjutor of Chensi 24.02.1847, consecrated 24.01.1848, consecrator Mons. Donato, nominated Apostolic Vicar of Chensi 20.05.1848, died 12.04.1884 Tong-yuen-fang [65]  


Chinchón, Andrés

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 14.02.1838 Ocaña (Toledo), member of O.P. 1855, priest 23.02.1860, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Rosalia and Apostolic Vicar of Amoy 13.12.1883, consecrated 27.04.1884 in Manila, consecrator Mons. Payo [66], died 01.05.1892 Amoy [67] 


Chiolino, Martino

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 06.10.1877 Valchiusella (Ivrea), member of M.E.M. 1898, priest 02.06.1900, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Calama and Apostolic Vicar of Ho-Nan Settentrionale 10.03.1921, consecrated 02.10.1921 in Weihwei, consecrator Mons. Tacconi, emeritus 07.05.1929, nominated Apostolic Administrator of Weihwei 07.05.1929, retired 11.07.1946, died 19.04.1948 Monza [68] 


Chou Ki wei, see Shu Qi-shui 


Choulet, Felix

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 04.10.1854 Gresy-sur-Aix (Chambery), member of M.E.P. 1877, priest 04.07.1880, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Zela and Apostolic Vicar of Manciuria Meridionale 21.03.1901, consecrated 24.11.1901 in Peking, consecrator Mons. Favier, emeritus 01.07.1920, died 31.07.1923 Newchwang (Moukden) [69]


Chouvellon, Félix

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 19.12.1849 Usson-en-Forez (Lyon), member of M.E.P. 1871, priest 12.09.1873, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Dausara and Apostolic Vicar of Se-Ciuen Orientale 25.09.1891, consecrated 27.12.1891 in Tchong-king, consecrator Mons. Biet, died 11.05.1924 Tchong-king [70]

Chouzy, Jean-Benoît


(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 05.03.1837 Panissière (Lyon), member of M.E.P. 1859, priest 02.06.1860, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Petnelissus and Apostolic Prefect of Kuangsi 00.09.1891, consecrated 22.11.1891 in Hongkong, consecrator Mons. Chausse, died 20.09.1899 Outcheoufou [71]


Chow Chi-shih, see Zhou Jishi

Chow Wei-tao, see Zhou Weidao


Christiaens, Benjamin


(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 24.02.1844 Thielt (Brugge), member of O.F.M. 14.10.1865, priest 06.06.1868, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Colophon and Apostolic Vicar of Hu-Pè Occiduo-Meridionale 13.02.1889, consecrated 12.05.1889 in Hankow, consecrator Mons. Carlassare, emeritus 1899, died 10.01.1931Gent [72]


Chu Kai-min, see Zhu Kaimin


Chung An-zu, Thomas


(Foto: Chinese Regional Bishops’ Conference in Taiwan)

Born 07.08.1952 Yunlin (Tainan), priest 26.12.1981, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Munaziana and Aux.-Bishop of Taipeh 31.10.2006, consecrated 30.12.2006, consecrator Mons. Cheng Tsai-fa in Taipeh, nominated Bishop of Kiayi 24.01.2008 [73]


Ciceri [74], Alessandro

Born 22.10.1637 Como, member of S.J. 1655 or 1656, priest, nominated Bishop of Nanking 25.01.1696, consecrated 02. or 05.02.1696 in Macau, consecrator Bishop  Casal, died 22.12.1703 Nanking [75]

Ciceri, Nicolas

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 26.05.1854 Brusciano (Nola), member of C.M. 05.05.1874, priest 15.06.1878, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Dausara and Apostolic Vicar of Kiam-Si Meridionale 03.07.1907, consecrated 16.02.1908 in Kiu-kiang, consecrator Mons. Coqset, emeritus 15.10.1931, died 28.10.1932 Torino [76]


Cikoto, Andrzej

(Foto: http://de.catholicmartyrs.org)

Born 05.12.1891, priest 1914, member of M.I.C. 1920, nominated Exarch of Harbin 20.10.1939, expelled 1948, died 13.02.1953 in Taischet/Russia (in prison) [77]


Civelli, Mario


(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 04.11.1890 Milano, member of M.E.M. 1909, priest 29.06.1913, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Tabbora and Apostolic Vicar of Hanchung 11.03.1935, consecrated 19.05.1935 in Tienhsin, consecrator Mons. Zanin, nominated Bishop of Hanchung 11.04.1946, nominated Bishop of Weihwei 11.07.1946, died 02.02.1966 Milano [78]


Cleary, Patrick


(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 03.03.1886 Kildysart (Killaloe)/Ireland, priest 10.06.1911, member of S.S.C. 1918, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Kienchang 21.07.1933, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Amathus and Apostolic Vicar of Kienchang 13.12.1938, consecrated 16.04.1939 in Nanchang, consecrator Mons. O’ Shea, nominated Bishop of Nancheng 11.04.1946, died 23.10.1970 Navan [79]


Clerc-Renaud, Jean Louis

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 18.06.1866 Lyon, member of C.M. 26.09.1885, priest 17.12.1892, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Elaea and Apostolic Vicar of Kiam-Si Orientale 10.08.1912, consecrated 03.11.1912 in Yaotchow, consecrator Mons. Reynaud, emeritus 05.01.1928, died 02.08.1935 Paris [80]

Coltelli, Clemente

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 26.07.1865 S. Pietro de Bagno, member of O.F.M. 1880, priest, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Adramyte and Coadjutor of Scen-Si Settentrionale 23.03.1900, consecrated 17.06.1900, consecrator Mons. Pagnucci, died 28.01.1901 Tungyüna-fang [81]


Connaughton, Patrick Maurice

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 25.10.1889 Ballinasloe (Galway), Ireland, member of O.F.M. 1906, priest 22.03.1913, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Suihsien 17.06.1937, emeritus 00.03.1951, died 19.05.1967 USA [82]


Coqset, Jules-Auguste

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 28.06.1847 Ambleny (Soissons), member of C.M. 01.10.1866, priest 09.06.1871, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Cardique and Apostolic Vicar of Kiam-Si Meridionale 19.07.1887, consecrated 16.10.1887 in Peking, consecrator Mons. Tagliabue, nominated Apostolic Vicar of Ce-Li Meridio-Occidentale 03.05.1907, died 04.02.1917 Tchengtingfou [83]


Correia (Carreia) Valente, Diego

(Foto: Website Diocese of Macau)

Born 00.00.1567 Lisboa, member of S.J. 10.01.1584, priest 1599, nominated Bishop of Funay/Japan 08.01.1618, consecrated 18.03.1618, consecrator Mons. Accoramboni [84], nominated Apostolic Administrator of Macau 27.08.1626, died 28.10.1633 Macau [85]

Cosi, Eligio Pietro

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 16.05.1819 Pontassieve (Firenze), member of O.F.M. 1839, priest 24.08.1843, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Priene and Coadjutor of Chantung 05.02.1865, consecrated 05.02.1865 in Chiolliciovan, consecrator Mons. Moccagatta, nominated Apostolic Vicar of Chantung 27.09.1870, died 12. oder 24.01.1885 Tsinanfu [86]



Cosic, Sladan

Born 1973 Teslic (Bosnia-Herzegowina), priest 1998, Chargés d'affaires at the Vatican embassy to China since 2016 [86a]



Born (unknown date), member of O.F.M., priest, nominated Archbishop of Khanbaliq 1338, consecrated, died (unknown date) [87]


Costantini, Celso


(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 03.04.1876 Castion di Zoppola (Concordia), priest 26.12.1899, nominated Apostolic Administrator of Fiume 30.04.1920, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Gerapoli 22.07.1921, consecrated 24.08.1921 in Concordia, consecrator Cardinal La Fontaine [88], nominated Apost. Delegate to China 12.08.1922, nominated Tit.-Archbishop of Teodosiopoli di Arcadia 09.09.1922, nominated Ordinary of Harbin 28.05.1931, resigned as Apost. Delegate in November 1933, nominated Secretary of the Congregation for Propagation of the Faith 20.12.1935, created cardinal priest of Santi Nereo e Achilleo 12.01.1953, died 17.10.1958 Rome [89]


Côté, Philippe

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 28.12.1895 Lowell (Boston), member of S.J. 1916, priest 15.08.1927, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Polistilo and Apostolic Vicar of Suchow 18.06.1935, consecrated 29.09.1935 in Suchow, consecrator Mons. Zanin, nominated Bishop of Suchow 11.04.1946, additional  nominated Apostolic Administrator of Kinmen and Matzu 25.09.1968, died 16.01.1970 Taiwan [90]


Cotolendi, Ignace

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 23.03.1630 Aix-en-Provence, member of M.E.P., priest, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Metellopolis and Apostolic Vicar of Nanking 20.09.1660, consecrated 07.11.1660 in Paris, consecrator Mons. de Harlay [91], died 16.04.1662 Palacot (India) [92]


Coupat, Paul Eugène


(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 08.06.1842 Eglise-Neuve-des-Liards (Clermont), member of M.E.P. 1864, priest 15.06.1867, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Thagaste and Coadjutor of Se-Ciuen Orientale 15.09.1882, consecrated 31.12.1882 in Tchong-king, consecrator Mons. Lepley, nominated Apostolic Vicar of Se-Ciuen Orientale 20.02.1883, died 11.01.1890 Tchong-king [93]


Cui Shouxun (Tsui Shou-hsun, Tsoei Shou-hsün), Joseph

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 27.07.1877 Siaosien (Sienhsien), priest 19.03.1904, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Yungnien 01.06.1929, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Tanais and Apostolic Vicar of Yungnien 16.03.1933, consecrated 11.06.1933 in Rome, consecrator Pius XI. [94], nominated Bishop of Yungnien 11.04.1946, died 31.01.1950 [95]


Cui Tai, Augustine

(Foto: UCANews)

Born 1950 Zhangjiakou, priest 1990, 2013 nominated Coadjutor of Xuanhua, consecrated 07.04.2013 with papal approval, since 2007 Bishop Cui has been repeatedly subject to detention and house arrest or sent to labor camps by authorities [96]


Curran, Paul Adam

Born (unknown date), member of O.P., priest, nominated Superior Kienning 18.03.1932, emeritus 18.01.1937, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Kienow 02.07.1948, died 1953 [97]


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